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Sophia N. Wassermann, PhD

Marine ecologist interested in quantitative approaches to issues at the intersection of fisheries and climate change. Postdoc in the Punt Lab, School of Aquatic & Fisheries Science, University of Washington, in collaboration with the NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center & Northwest Fisheries Science Center. PhD in Earth & Ocean Science from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Welcome to my new website!

Hello there!

Welcome to my new website. I’m going to endeavor to keep a blog about my experience in my PhD, which is about mackerel collective behavior. This project is heavy in modelling and computational work (read: I’ve had to learn how to program) and I’d like to be a resource for anyone interested in computational ecology, but maybe isn’t sure what tools are out there and how to start. I taught myself much of what I know (mostly R and Python) and though that might not be the best approach, if I can do it, sure as heck you can too.

On the side, I’m a scuba diver hoping to jump into these warm, tropical Irish waters soon. I’m also the student representative to the Society for Conservation Biology Marine Section and our next conference will be in Kuching, Malaysia: IMCC5.

If you’re interested in marine ecology, conservation, data science, or just really like mackerel, come along with me on this journey!